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November 28, 2004
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last dance with mary jane by sashamya last dance with mary jane by sashamya
woo hoooo. drew this couple weeks ago, finally got around to inking and coloring it. i'm more pleased with the picture itself than the coloring or whatever. but the coloring itself is decent too.

it's a more grown up bertie (you can tell because of the shanks of hair in front of her ears, her head and body are somewhat more proportionate, and the fact that she doesn't look as blank and stupid as usual). she's more normal/smarter when she's grown up. this is one of the pics of grown up her where her body's proper, small chest, larger hips and big hoofishes. ...and little blushy cheeks. ... then she marries damme. and there's some rice and stuff.

i forgot to put her tattoo on her.. it should be peeking out of her shirt on her right (your left) shoulder and neck. hnnn. i'm too lazy to add it now though, so i'll just leave it out and let it bother me forever. ok that's all. enjoy.

no stupid comments please. and avoid the whole faving w/o commenting... thing you're all so good at.
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Treehome Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
More Bertie!
ArtPhr33k Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2006 more time to kill the pain :)
otherunicorn Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
I've loved this one fore ages, so I guess it's time I actually said so!
zambicandy Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006
This is my other favorite Bertie pic. It makes me squeal with joy. Anatomy is top notch!! Her cute, adorable, wonderful(did I mention cute?) middle is just super eye candy to me. (and not in any kind of dirty way) I just love the curves and tiny little waist/torso she has. mmmff Also the little grass twirly is a nice touch <3 OHYES and I adore the tail hairs. I love how its colored and shaped and everything!
memo333 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2005
stupid horns lol
rem-chan Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
Aw, she's just so cute! If I had a little sister, I'd want one all cute like her.

I love the way you drew her hips.
Edge-sama Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
aww so cute! can I hugh her? please? I wont scare her away as I did with Di, promise.
sashamya Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
she's more cuddly than di. less stabby bitey hitty.
Edge-sama Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
oki *hugs her*, aw she's so sweet.
white-rice Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004
half minotaur, half dryad and all cute. and i share the sentiment in that i wish to play with the tail fluff.
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